Sun Wren Richards spends nights in total blackness and survives by the use of her five senses, Transcendental Meditation, Natural Law—and the help of Angelo Orlando Andres Lopez. The man who rents a hotel suite and reveals his identity as a US operative. He learns that Sun has been caught up in a large property scam concerning foreigners and places her into witness protection. Sun’s fear turns into terror when she suspects her property is being used as part of a United States communications infiltration operation. She experiences how American agents receive immunity for committed crimes: protecting their identity, accountability, and their agencies.



Wren Richards grew up in Wyoming and her novels reflect a literary rustic flavor, told from a Native American feminine perspective. Sun Wren is surefooted with her balance between right and wrong. She clings to her stoic beliefs and meditation to stay grounded. She appreciates her own abilities, strengths, beliefs and accepts the harsh lessons life throws at her without whining or sacrificing all that she is. As an author, she wants to progress the image of women.



Protecting civil liberties runs in her Wyoming heritage—that state was the first to grant women the right to vote! She is also a former Texas State Chair for the Natural Law Party of Texas, ran for the Texas State Senate, was a Democratic Delegate for Wyoming, and ran political campaigns for a Wyoming House of Representative, Senator and Governor. In addition, Wren served and supported the Wyoming Real Estate Commission, and spent six years as Trustee for Central Wyoming College. Wren has the skills, experience, and desire required to get exposure and help sell books.



In addition to the above, Wren served as Director of Community Theatre in WY, director of the Performing Arts School at Zachary Scott Theatre in TX, founder and director of the Theatre School for Youth, a non-tenured teacher at Central Wyoming College, and a court appointed CASA for children. She published a book about theatre and adapted three books into stage play for the professional theatre.



Wren’s Costa Rica experience initially knocked her socks off and left her homeless, but now she is ready to tell the full story. After researching bookstores online, she believes that her work might be a good fit for your bookstore. Your own Collected Works Bookstore exemplifies the same individualism and independence.