Donna Wilson Page, a native of Dallas, Texas worked 25 years as an architectural illustrator and in fine arts. In 2010, Donna and her husband Paul relocated to East Texas. Then in December 2012, Texas A&M University-Commerce awarded her a master of arts degree where she was also an adjunct professor while earning her degree. Upon graduation, she became a professor of art at Northeast Texas Community College.

Donna’s past work deals with photo realistic effects, which are usually large rendered florals detailed in pastel, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. “I constantly experiment with the theories of color and light and the creation of luminous and iridescent effects,” Page says. Her love of experimentation has evolved into her present work which deals with abstraction of the landscape and mixed media and collage effects.

In 2014, she wrote and illustrated her first children’s book, Katrina Dogs. The story depicts two dogs in New Orleans caught in Hurricane Katrina, their adventures and ultimately finding new homes. The story is designed to encourage animal rescue to a young audience. With the publication of Katrina Dogs, Donna fulfilled her long time dream to write and illustrate children’s books. A percentage of each book sold is donated to an animal rescue organization.

Donna continues to pursue her work in mixed media abstract art. She exhibited her third solo show at Winnsboro Center for the Arts in 2018 and will be presenting her next solo show in Mt Vernon in fall of 2019.

Donna and her husband Paul, have two daughters; one lives in Dallas and one in California. Donna looks forward to continued participation in the fast growing East Texas arts community. She and her husband live on Lake Bob Sandlin with their dog, Bernie and four cats, Dorri, Russ, Kirby and Scooter.