I’m Texan through and through, complete with the arrogance to believe my state is the best, the ability to tell tall tales convincingly, and the propensity to say “y’all” and “fixin’ to” and, on occasion, “ain’t.” The towns I’ve lived in have a Southern influence, so sweet tea, grits, and “bless your heart” are also part of my cultural background. And since all of Texas has a heavy Mexican influence, jalapenos are part of my diet. I have a Texas accent, naturally, but I’ll tell you right now: Hollywood’s version of how we talk is ludicrous.

I’m my mama’s fourth and only living child; Daddy died in 1997, so it’s just Mom and me from my side of the family. My parents each spent a stint as professional entertainers, which explains why I’m such a ham. However, I’m not fully baked–I can stand before a group of virtually any size, but get me face to face, and I may have an attack of shyness. That’s when my feet kick in. They’ll either run off with me, getting me out of harm’s way as quickly as possible, or they’ll land in my mouth. Both of them. At once. Usually makes for a memorable occasion.